Validate that your config works

You can easily check if your config setup works by following the steps below.

  1. Generate your config and connect to the servers with OpenVPN. If you have not done this yet you can read the guide.
  2. Launch Call of Duty and wait until the game has loaded and you are in the main menu.
  3. Click settings and go to the Account & Network tab. Click at Network Info, here you will see the geographical location that the game thinks you are in. The location should be the same as the VPN server you have chosen.
  4. Check so your ip has not changed to the VPN server ip when browsing normally. You can check this by googling “whats my ip” and compare before & after you have connected to the VPN in OpenVPN. The VPN configs we generate are only supposed to route Call of Dutys matchmaking traffic through the VPN.