Generate Warzone VPN configs for NordVPN

Here you can generate and download Warzone OpenVPN configs that uses NordVPNs servers. The config will route Call of Dutys matchmaking servers through the selected country and server, which in short breaks the matchmaking. And due to only the matchmaking traffic being routed your ping will remain normal.


For best result pick a country very far away from your current location.

Disclaimer: This tool generates modified versions of NordVPN official configs.

Step by step guide

1. Download OpenVPN client.

You can download it here.

2. NordVPN subscription

For this to work you will need a active NordVPN subscription. If you don’t already have one you can signup through our link for a discounted offer including free months here:

3. Generate Config

Now it’s time to generate your config. Choose a country and a server and then click the generate config button.

4. Import Config

You need to import the config into your OpenVPN client. You can do so by clicking directly on the downloaded config file or you can drag it into the OpenVPN client.

5. Connect & Start Playing

Once you have added the config into your OpenVPN client you can connect to the server and start Warzone or Vanguard and enjoy easier lobbies.

If you get a popup saying “Connection Error Missing external certificate” just click continue.

First time connection with OpenVPN you will need to login with your NordVPN “service credentials” (not the same as email & password). You will find it here: