Generate Warzone VPN configs for any VPN service

Here you can generate Warzone OpenVPN configs that works with any VPN server. The config will route Call of Duty’s matchmaking servers through the selected country and server, which in short breaks the matchmaking. And due to only the matchmaking traffic being routed your ping will remain normal.

If you don’t already have a VPN service we can strongly recommend using NordVPN, we also have a dedicated server picker tool which you can find here. We also have a special discount offer in cooperation with NordVPN here


Upload your config file. Must be OpenVPN config file from your VPN service.

Step by step guide

1. Get your VPN config

Download the OpenVPN config file from your VPN service website for the server you want to use.

2. Upload the config

For us to be able to create your Warzone config you need to upload the config you got from your VPN provider.

3. Download

Now you can download your modified Warzone config and connect to your server through OpenVPN. We recommend that you follow this guide and check so that your config works as expected.