How do easier lobbies work?

What does CODVPN do?

CODVPN is a free tool that generates config files to route Call of Duty’s matchmaking servers through the selected country and server. This breaks the matchmaking system due to only the matchmaking traffic being routed; your ping will remain normal.


Not able to connect

If you change locations regularly, there is a chance that you’re not able to connect to the online services after a while.

There is an easy way to fix this, uninstall OpenVPN and install it again.


IP does not change

CODVPN redirects some data and not all to ensure you get good speed and a lower ping than if you were using a normal vpn connection.

A site like will likely show your normal IP-address, this is normal.

To see if it’s working start the game and head towards the “Account & Network” tab in settings and click “Network Info”. If your geographic location is set to the location you have chosen, you are all set and ready to go.

Here you can find a guide of how to validate that your config works.


Disconnecting from game

This could happen to you, but likely won’t happen often.

If this happens, here are two steps to follow:

  • Try a different location
  • Uninstall OpenVPN and reinstall


Long loading time, high ping and lags

Please consider that at the time this is being written, Call of Duty servers are a mess, which causes a higher ping and longer waiting time than usual.

Usually it will take about the same time as usual to load into a match (sometimes a bit longer). If this occurs, please try a different location and see what works best for you.

Sometimes it can be caused by your own connection, in this case there are some ways to fix it.

Here are two options that you could try:


How to optimize the tool

There are certain things you can do to optimize the result when using this tool:

  • Try to connect to a location in hours when the least people play (During weekdays 9-5 and night times would be good, on weekends Preferably Night times).
  • In Duos, Trios and Quads, don’t fill your team, this will get your easier lobbies
  • Don’t use this tool if you have a KD lower than 1 SBMM is already giving you benefits.


Which vpn location should i pick?

There is no straight answer to this question. The most important thing is that you pick a vpn location that is far away from your real location. This increases the efficiency of our tool.


What is the difference between CODVPN and Nolagvpn?

Basically nothing, except Nolagvpn forces you to use their vpn servers which comes with a cost. Our tool is free and you can use whatever vpn provider you want. Both CODVPN and Nolagvpn routes the exact same ips through the vpn so the result should be identical.